Public Speaking Workshops for Spring, 2013

As I anticipate the shift of weather and the end of winter, I’ve begun to think about coming out of my workshop winter hibernation (it’s always so hard to run workshops when the weather is so challenging) and scheduling upcoming times for my public speaking groups. Learn more about these programs and the dates they are offered by visiting the small group coaching workshop page on my website.

To get some idea of the strategies that we’ll be working on, you might enjoy the most recent article that I’ve posted on my SpeakingPresence blog.   In this article, entitled Closing the Presence Gap: Simple tools for rediscovering this innate leadership ability, we look at the reality that being the content expert doesn’t always translate into having a strong leadership presence and we explore simple strategies that will help you become a more confident and effect leader.

Systemic Constellation Work

As you may already know if you’ve read the Creative Conversations section of this blog, I’m a strong believer in engaging the whole person in conversation.  Verbal discourse is only one dimension of a full conversation and we do a disservice to ourselves and our organization if we don’t engage the other dimensions of knowing that include, the physical, emotional, creative and spiritual.

Systemic Constellation work is an amazingly powerful not-primarily-verbal vehicle for identifying themes, patterns, and blind spots around an important issue or dynamic.  Ria Baeck, from Belgium, is a masterful “constellator” and has introduced this tool to me in a variety of settings.  When she’s in the area and offering a workshop, I go!  And, we have the great good fortune that she comes to New England with some frequency.

Here are the invitations for a couple of one-day workshops coming up in October: