Get Physical!

With over 40 years of training and experience in dance, yoga, and tai chi, I’ve come to fully appreciate our need to become physically present when we are engaged in important conversations.  Learning doesn’t just happen in our heads.  In fact, I’ve found that if we try to have complex conversations and not incorporate the body, we often leave those conversations feeling incomplete, unfulfilled, or (as often happens to me) with a bad headache.

To be fully present and available to engage in conversation, we need to get out of our heads and into our bodies!

Clearly taking the time to go for a walk outside, or to do some other form of physical exercise is optimal, but I have found that simple movement exercises, some taking less than five minutes, can quickly serve to wake up our minds when things start getting stale.

I incorporate some type of movement into every group conversation I host or facilitate.  This can include:

  • Simple standing yoga postures and stretching
  • Self-massage techniques to awaken a tired body
  • Simple energy activating exercises
  • Walking through space and interacting with others in the group
  • Physical games like Thunderball, a ball tossing exercise that comes out of the Tai Chi tradition
  • Easy to learn dances for non-movers that encourage interaction and insight about how we engage with each other.

Email me to explore how to engage group participants in physical ways that encourage learning and change.