The Flow Game

Nature has a rhythm and flow that just is. As do we if we allow ourselves the time and space.

The Flow Game is a process, designed as a board game, that creates the space for individual and collective consciousness and intelligence to emerge through reflection, dialogue, interactive learning and connection with nature. The Flow Game is ideal for teams who wish to explore a collective (and personal) intention, and for individuals who wish to ‘call’ and invite others to gather with them.

The purpose and intention of the Flow Game is to strengthen and bring focus and flow to an important question in your life, e.g., a project, future work direction, relationships or as a part of your personal growth. You and the other players each bring a personal intention, framed as a question, and together we explore each intention from four key perspectives: leadership, vision, community and action.

Playing the game will take you out of your patterns and your habitual way of responding to situations. It is not a linear process, but works intuitively, melting the barriers that normally keep us stuck.

In addition to talking with one another about our questions, we work with clay and other art and natural materials, movement, meditation and the natural world outside as well as the rich wealth of resources available to you through the community of other players to help you playfully explore your life’s most meaningful questions.

Your intention and the focus of the Flow game
Since the Flow Game is a process designed to inspire “Flow” in a chosen area of your life, it is important that you come to the game with a clearly articulated question as a focus. Whether it be your personal leadership, your career, your vocation, or any other area of your life, it should be an issue that you are currently grappling with. It might be an aspect of your life where you feel stuck or it could be around a new direction that you’re contemplating.

The important thing is that your intention is meaningful and important to you right now – That you are the stakeholder!

The Flow Game brings your personal direction into focus
During the game you will explore your question from the perspective of four possible directions:

The North – The innovative perspective: Your courage to look deeply inside to find new paths and break new ground in your life and work, to move ahead when called for.

The East – The deep vision and perspective, the long view: To clarify your passion, vision, energy – to keep the overview and find coherence and connectivity to the world surrounding you.

The South – The perspective of the community: To open the good relations, to be in rhythm with others, team spirit, synergy, synchronicity.

The West – The perspective of action: Getting things done making it happen, being methodical, being practical and doing it in a sustainable way for you and the greater whole.

How and When are Flow Games offered?
Flow Games convene when someone calls the game. Flow Games are typically played with 4 to 6 people over a span of two or three days ideally in a location where there’s easy access to the outdoors and the natural world. The game, though, can be modified to be played over shorter periods of time and with larger numbers of people.

If you’d like to learn more, please feel free to email me.