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Conversation, connection, and authenticity are increasingly recognized as the keys to transformation and change.  In the turbulent and crisis-riddled world that we live in today, the only real hope we have is through the relationships we nurture in our personal lives, our communities, and our work.

Relationships are built and strengthened through the conversations we have when we ask questions and think together about the things that truly matter, when we are fully present as we speak and listen, and when we care deeply about the well-being of the community or organization.

My name is Carla Kimball and I’m a public speaking presence coach in Vermont and New Hampshire.  My professional life for more than 20 years has been focused on a quality I call “presence” – how we stay present, connected and in relationship in the face of fear, complexity, and uncertainty.

I’ve been a yoga and meditation teacher, a stress management consultant, a public speaking presence coach, a large group conversation host, a creative integration facilitator, a member of a co-housing community, an improvisational modern dancer, and a photographer.  Each of these roles and practices has taught me something important about presence and conversation.

I created this blog as an umbrella site to integrate and share the many ways in which I’ve learned to expand and enrich meaningful conversations. In it you’ll find:

  • An ongoing conversation about meaningful conversations through my blog posts.
  • Announcements of upcoming events in which I’m involved.
  • Links to my public speaking programs and resources through my company RiverWays Enterprises.
  • Links to large group conversation training programs that I’m involved with or am aware of.
  • An introduction to a variety of facilitation and hosting processes that creatively engage the whole person in conversations that can bring clarity to complex personal, professional, and community issues.
  • Relevant references to my two other blogs:
    • RevealedPresence:  A daily photo blog where I’ve posted a photo and thought-provoking question since January 2009.  The combination of the photo and question create a unique entryway into conversations that really matter.  In this blog you can also learn about my Story Card decks of cards that offer conversation openers through photos and questions drawn from the archives of this blog.
    • SpeakingPresence: An article blog around issues of presence in public speaking. This blog, along with other resources on my Riverways Enterprises website, is a rich compendium of resources on how to speak with confidence, presence and authenticity.

Please feel free to join the conversation with your comments, experiences, and interests!!!

3 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. I love the video about slowing down …finding my breath….at 60, I am just now stepping out and beginning to speak in front of the public. I look forward to learning and trying out the new “tools” as they are revealed.

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